Camp Stove MELT DOWN!

Last weekend I used my Mini Mo Jet Boil camp stove for probably the 50th time since I bought it about a year ago. As I was cooing breakfast I noticed the entire unit engulfed in flames! Luckily I was able to extinguish the fire before the propane tank exploded. YIKES! After a call to Johnson Outdoors (manufacturer of Jet Boil products) I was offered a free replacement burner. Per my conversation with the CSR, this problem often occurs when the unit is lit after the cup or frying pan is placed on the burner, causing a back flow of the fuel. When I explained that I had actually followed protocol and had lit the unit first I was offered the replacement - no further questions asked. I wanted to let you all know about this experience because I love to do business with a company that stands behind their products. Due to this very positive experience I will continue to be a customer and advocate of Jet Boil products.

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